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Nasha Infused PreRoll 5-pack Cherry Dosido x Banana Dawg 2.5g (41.06%THC

LINEAGE: Cherry Dosido x Banana Dog
TASTE: Fruity, Sweet, Tropical
FEELING: Relaxed, Euphoric
FARM: Mattole Valley Sungrown, Clear Water Farms
PLACE GROWN: Mattole Valley, Humboldt, CA
CULTIVATION STYLE: Outdoor, Sungrown, Native soil

THC: 41%

Made with Cherry Dosido flower grown by Clear Water Farms, and hash made from Banana Dog flower grown by Mattole Valley Farms. An exquisite pairing of two fruity strains for a fun and flavorful high.

Cherry Dosido is an indica-dominant hybrid strain bred from crossing Phantom Cookies with Dosidos. Its buds are striking in appearance and color, dotted with rich purple hues and deep amber pistils. Cherry Dosido is flavorful and fruity, with notes of apples, berries, and lime. Relaxing yet not totally sedating, this strain is perfect for late afternoon or early evening chill sessions.

Cherry Dosido’s dominant terpinoid is β-caryophyllene, which is the only terpene known to also act as a cannabinoid: it can activate our endocannabinoid system to provide anti-inflammatory effects and promote relaxation. It also contains high levels of Limonene and Myrcene, which in combination generate a euphoric high while also reducing stress and anxiety.

Cultivated by Clear Water Farms, a family-run farm nestled along the banks of the Mattole River in Humboldt County specializing in sungrown, small-batch flower. The Clear Water Farms is a member of the Uplift Co-operative, which is owned entirely by independent legacy farmers and was the first cannabis cooperative post-legalization. Its mission is to ensure the success and viability of Mattole Valley's small cannabis farms.

Bred by Biovortex, Banana Dog is a cross between Banana Kush and Chem Dawg. This strong-smelling strain packs a punch with gassy, fruity and nutty notes. Banana Dog is on the sativa end of the hybrid spectrum, and yields a mellow, joyful buzz that’s ideal for getting creative or going on a nature adventure.

Cultivated by Mattole Valley Sungrown: A family-owned and operated farm located in the heart of the Mattole Valley in Humboldt, a special region that’s nestled between the coastal Redwoods and the Pacific Ocean with an ideal terroir for cultivating cannabis. This heritage homestead farm specializes in growing premium cannabis in full sun, native soils, and rainwater, with a focus on regenerative practices and permaculture.

Nasha Infused PreRoll 5-pack Cherry Dosido x Banana Dawg 2.5g (41.06%THC

  • WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals including Myrcene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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