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Nasha Cartridge Live Rosin All-In-One Rainbow Meltz .5g (69.46%THC)

LINEAGE: Moonbow x Z

TASTE: Gassy, Fruity, Sweet

FEELING: Relaxed, Clear, Happy

FARM: Emerald Queen farms

PLACE GROWN: Willow Creek, Humboldt, CA

CULTIVATION STYLE: Outdoor, Sungrown, Mixed Light


Cultivated by Emerald Queen Farms, where cannabis is produced, the way it should be. Cultivated in the sun, with clean water, organic fertilizer, in native soil. The Emerald Queen sits atop her throne behind the veils of the Redwood Curtain, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle Kingdom. 2021 Emerald Cup Winner 2020 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner.


Rainbow Meltz, also known as "Rainbow Beltz", is an indica marijuana strain made from by crossing Moonbow with Z. The effects of Rainbow Beltz is primarily calming, but also offers a euphoric high that leaves you feeling happy, content and relaxed. Rainbow Meltz's complex flavor and aroma is remininiscent of the sweetness and fruitiness of some of your favorite candies.

Nasha Cartridge Live Rosin All-In-One Rainbow Meltz .5g (69.46%THC)

  • WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals including Marijuana smoke, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

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