FloraCal Indoor Rollins 3.5g (23.99% THC)

Swamp Boy Seeds created this sativa dominant hybrid by crossing Lemon Tree s1 and the beloved Nigerian reversal they use in many of their most successful strains. It’s commanding strain with high CBGA (good for inflammation) and THC content.


These buds are sticky from large, well distributed trichomes. They glisten like dew drops against olive green and smaller, slightly amber crystals. A riot of bronze pistils sticks out from closely set, crinkled leaves.


The anti-inflammatory terpene, pinene, is dialed way up. It offers a strong smell that’s more Pine Sol than forest. Lemon and fuel undernotes come in next. They’re followed by a subtle funk that’s like an old pile of autumn leaves. There’s also a barely perceptible garlic butter note gives the bud a slight savoriness.


On the inhale, there’s a slight spiciness. The exhale has a campfire quality to it. Somewhere between dry smoke and a cool, clear mountain night. That said, this is a daytime compatible strain.

The high is uplifting and energetic. If you’re the kind of person who works out with cannabis, this would be a great choice. If that’s not your thing, try a hike with friends or some other social outdoor activity. It’s the kind of strain that makes you want to do things. However, super loopiness is within reach at any time. Keep smoking and you’ll find yourself blissfully blazed.


Genetics: Lemon Tree S1 X Nigerian

FloraCal Indoor Rollins 3.5g (23.99% THC)